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 Medical coding is the process of assigning standardized numerical codes to patient health care charts. This coded information is used to ensure that insurance companies, government organizations, such as Medicare, and patients alike all receive accurate billing statements for health services perfo ... more
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 There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of medical transcription. As the trends of off-shoring and voice recognition pick up steam and threaten to displace traditional jobs in the US, what is to become of the profession? It is a logical question.The reality is that MT jobs continue to ... more
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 Medical transcription jobs have been growing at a faster rate than the overall economy for many years. It is estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there are well over 100,000 active transcriptionists employed on a full or part time basis in the United States alone. Some estimate put the ... more
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 Re-entering the job force after a break in your career can be a little overwhelming.  Crazy thoughts may race through your mind.  Where do I begin?  What if there are no jobs?  What if there are jobs but no one will hire me? Yes, looking for employment is always unnerving.  But, with a littl ... more
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 In most career paths there comes a point where the role is great, you're positioned where you should be at this stage of your development, but you just hate your job.  There can be many reasons, and often it is the company culture of particular human elements that are the cause of your unhapp ... more
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