Graphic Designer Career Profile
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Graphic Designer 

Description:  Graphic designers are also known as graphic artists, and are employed to create visual solutions in the realm of communication.  They must propose, design, analyze, and refine their designs to meet the requirements and standards of their employers.   They effectively get messages across to the mass public through images, electronics, and film, using the language of design; meaning color, shape, illustration, text, photography, animation, and much more.  Graphic designers are responsible for the design and layout of magazines, journals, publications, marketing materials, and much more.  Business logos, brochures, graphics, and just about every print form of communication imaginable was designed by Graphic designers. 

Multimedia and computer graphics are also said to be the territories of Graphic designers, including web pages and much more.  They usually work for specific clients who will communicate exactly what they need and are looking to say, and from there the Graphic designer was begin to design and execute a design that meets these requirements.  Since most of what is being communicated through design is for the purposes of communicating or marketing to humans, that means that a graphic designer must take into consideration what audience they’re designing for, with also a great understanding of culture, social issues, and design elements. 

Designers carry-out their own research and execution, and that makes this profession very independent, with a great number of freelancers and self-starters. 

Statistics:  In 2006, Graphic designers held around 261,000 positions in the US, with the majority working for specialized services, advertising, periodicals, books, and the like.   Many of them also worked on films as well as in engineering for science and technical firms.  Roughly 25% of these were self employed. 

Training:  Most entry level design positions require a bachelor’s degree, preferably in the fine arts or graphic design.  There are also associate degrees available in these subjects.  It is strongly encouraged for those looking to start a career in graphic design to have a diverse area of study focusing on the arts but also including social sciences, history, science and more.

Salary:  On average in 2006, Graphic designers earned roughly $39,000 annually, with a more predictable range of $30,600 to $53,310.  Those earning the most in this field were working for specialized design services.

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