Medical Assistant Career Profile
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Medical Assistant

Description:  Medical assistants are in charge of the administrative tasks to keep medical offices running smoothly and in an organized manner.  They also do the same for local clinics.  As opposed to physicians assistants who work alongside a doctor to diagnose and assist in treating patients, a medical assistant works on more clerical duties in the office.  Depending upon the kind of office the medical assistant works in, and the size of the office, this job can vary greatly.  

On the administrative side of the job, you can expect a lot of filing records, recording updates, dealing with insurance forms and relying lab information.  There is also a portion of the job that is focused on duties such as answering phones, greeting patients and having them fill out forms, dealing with correspondence, making appointments, and handling billing and bookkeeping.

All in all, it is a diverse job that is focused on the overall organization of the office, and deals with many matters that seem appropriate to a secretary in an office.  The difference being that a medical assistant must also be familiar with the type of medicine that is performed in their offices, and be able to speak the language of medicine to the incoming patients.  They must be able to handle questions over the phone, and deal with various physical states of their patients.

Statistics:  It is said that this occupation is expected to grow faster than average due to the increased number of people seeking medical attention and care in the coming decade. The above average growth is slated at around 35% in the coming years, and this is true for most positions in the healthcare industry.

Training:  Unlike other positions in the healthcare industry, a medical assistant does not need a heavy background in medicine.  Medical assisting programs can be found at most vocational schools and community colleges, usually lasting about 1 year.  There are also associate programs that last for 2 years.   Medicine, medical law, and physiology are just some of the topics that are covered.

Salary:  Dependent upon years of experience and level of education, the salary for a medical assistant will vary.  The average salary for 2006 ran at $26,290 annually, with an estimable range from $21,970 to $31,210.

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