Network Administrator Career Profile
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Network Administrator  

Description:  A network administrator is a computer support specialist that provides expert advice and technical support to the every-day computer user.   As computer usage becomes more ubiquitous around the globe, the role of the network administrator is becoming more important.  A successful network administrator must know the ins and outs of one specific or many multiple computer systems and be able to give advice and support.   They’re also responsible for providing maintenance and support for networks and computer systems.

Customers and consumers may call a network administrator to answer their questions or help them solve any problems they may be experiencing.  This career involves either being part of a technical support team or an in-house help desk technician.  They are known as troubleshooters, and must know everything there is to know about various forms of hardware, software, and other diverse systems.  A network administrator may work for a tech support company or directly for any software or computer company.  They are often contacted over the phone, chat live online, or are met in person to fix problems.

Statistics: In 2006 there were a whopping 862,000 jobs held by network administrators, and more than half of these were computer specialists giving support and helping consumers troubleshoot problems on their home computers.   This is a career that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds within the next decade, as we continue to rely more heavily upon computers as a society.  An expected increase of 18% is a faster than average growth for the next decade. 

Training:  There are a number of ways to become a network administrator, but most employers tend to hire applicants that have a solid college education.  Perhaps the best bet is to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or at the very least, a computer oriented associate degree.   Any formal experience or knowledge you may have in the field can be used subsequently to help acquire a job.  On the job training may be relevant if you have a bachelor’s degree in a field besides computer science, but show an interest in learning about the industry.

Salary:   The average earnings for a network administrator in 2006 was around $41,000, with the greatest number of people earning between $32,110 and $53,640.  This number can vary greatly depending upon education, experience, and where you work. 

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