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 Welcome to the best speed typing test available. This free online speed typing test is an exceptional resource for you to test your typing speed. It is useful for self-evaluation of typing skills and can also be used to test friends, family, coworkers, or employees. This speed typing test website has been created by expert programmers to provide immediate feedback regarding current typing speed, spelling accuracy, and overall typing skills.

The actual speed typing test gives users a number of flexible options with respect to length of the timed typing test and the content to be typed. You will find a free one minute typing test, a free two minute typing test, and a free three minute typing test. Each free speed keyboarding test offers several content options to challenge even the skills of even the best typists.

The free typing test is designed to be simple, intuitive, and completely user friendly. The speed test can be taken more than once. In fact, it is considered useful to take the test several times over a period of days to ascertain your true speed. Typing speed and accuracy can be affected by a multitude of different variables. Changing up the time and content of the free timed typing test will also help you in determining your true average typing speed.

The speed typing test allows you to quickly determine a baseline for typing speed, grammar, and spelling capability. The test will automatically grade your submission and provide visual feedback highlighting errors, misspellings, punctuation problems, and other additions or omissions relative to an idealized key.

The speed typing test evaluates your score against a database of other individuals who have taken the same test. You will be able to see a comparison of your score on the free typing test vs. others who have taken the test before you.

Don’t be intimidated by the free typing test. If you do not score as well as you had hoped please come back and try again. Please feel free to pass this link on to others. This is a free typing tool that is designed to be used by anyone who would like to evaluate their typing speed and accuracy on a timed test.

To begin our free speed typing test, please click on the following link.
Good luck and thank you for visiting!

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