The Importance of Typing Skills
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 Let's face it; the world is changing. Gadgets abound as technology only becomes better, and computers have worked their way into just about everyone's life. That means that learning to use them becomes important to every individual. Whereas once, learning to type was restricted to women in office occupations, data entry clerks, or writers, everyone nowadays finds themselves facing a keyboard.

Many individuals don't have the first clue about how to type. Sure, hammering out letters using two fingers works, but to be effective in occupations, this style of typing doesn't cut it any more. Not only that, many people find themselves needing to type at home, whether it be to search for information on the internet or write an email to a loved one. Don't forget, phones are losing favor over computers as well.

That leaves people at a disadvantage if they don't know how to type. Communication is restricted and learning is limited without some fundamental keyboarding skills. Computers aren't going to go away, and keyboards are a major component in interacting with others.

Adults are hit hard by a lack of typing skills. The opportunity to work lessens, unless you have a skilled trade or some profession in demand that requires no communication at all. You might get by for a while using pen, paper, and phones, but a lack of a typed text smacks of a lack of professionalism and education. Outsourcing the job to those who can type isn't cost-effective either.

What's more, your children are facing a world steeped in computers as much as you are, and learning typing is soon going to be required - probably just after they learn to recognize letters and write by hand. By high school, children are almost solely communicating via the internet, and instant messaging programs are the way they interact. If they can't type, they may end up becoming isolated and ostracized by others. Socializing is important for teens and peer groups can make or break a young adult.

The reasons typing skills and learning typing are important are clear. Typing skills allow us to better cope with a technological world based on text communication. They open up new opportunities for careers and income-earning potential, and they provide important opportunities for socialization and interaction with others. What more reason could you want?

To know where your typing skills are right now and how much you need to improve to be a part of this changing world, click on the free speed typing test link on this site.

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