Combating Attention Deficit Disorder In Teens
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 By: Michelle Bery

Attention Deficit Disorder – a condition that is manifested in inattentiveness, hyperactivity, or a combination of both – is most often identified in young children. Treatment begins and tools are put in place to help the child learn coping strategies to deal with everyday situations. But with Attention Deficit Disorder in teens there are a whole new set of challenges to hurdle.

At an age where fitting in with the crowd is of paramount concern, any differences in behavior can be exacerbated in this heightened social microcosm. The symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder can make the learning environment difficult. The increased schoolwork associated with this age group often catapults the Attention Deficit Disorder in teens to a new level. And often when grades suffer, so does the self-esteem of the teen in question.

Additionally, at this time when social concerns are of enormous importance, Attention Deficit Disorder in teens can make typical teenaged relationships difficult to navigate. Teens who suffer from this condition can often feel isolated as the burden of their symptoms puts a wedge between them and their peers.

Attention Deficit Disorder in teens that has been diagnosed prior to these years can benefit greatly from treatment already in existence. Teens that have battled with Attention Deficit Disorder since early childhood will have a better handle on how to challenge the effects of the disorder in their teens.

But for some Attention Deficit Disorder in teens the diagnosis comes at this late date. The increased pressure of high school workload and social concerns sometimes sheds a light on a condition that was previously unnoticed or non-symptomatic. Because of its strong connection to learning disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder in teens should be closely monitored for co-existing conditions.

Attention Deficit Disorder in teens can be successfully managed if you are proactive. For those who have been diagnosed in childhood, the arrival into the teens may exacerbate symptoms and require changes in medication.

If you’re just now suspecting a problem, have your child evaluated by a medical professional who specializes in Attention Deficit Disorder in teens. Staying armed with knowledge and having a willingness to go on the offense will put you in control of Attention Deficit Disorder instead of the other way around.

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