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 Preparations and Rehearsals Before you charge off to your first interview, spend a little time developing a strategy. Think carefully about the possible traps and pitfalls that you may encounter during the course of t ... more
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 The first thing to remember is that interview questions are calculated to produce information. The interviewer may not be as interes ... more
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 Avoid the following common and distracting interview blunders: 1.  Avoid rambling responses. Keep your answers efficient and to ... more
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 One of the most crucial steps in the job search process is the initial interview. This is where prospective employers will make their preliminary decisions about whether to invest additional time in you. If things ... more
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 By: Virginia Bola, PsyDYour work history becomes a key focus in a job interview, usually right after the requisite pleasantries of whether you had difficulty finding your way, comments about the traffic and weather, and an offer of coffee or water. As you settle back in your chair, trying to look ... more
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