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Movie Reviews
Quick, what was the most expensive movie of all time? Well as of this writing, and by some estimates, it was Spiderman 3 with price tag estimates coming in from between $300 and $500 million (no one really wants to fess up to the actual bloated total). O.k. now what was the most expensive dud of all time. Try the 2002 release of The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Never heard of it you say? Itís no wonder. Production costs were estimated at just over $100 million and the total box office take was a mere $4.4 million a monumental flop by any financial standard. Even casting Eddie Murphy in the title role couldnít save this dud. O.k. now here is a harder one. What is my favorite movie? Gosh, even I donít have a quick answer for that one. There are just too many great movies out there, arenít there? So this is your chance to be a movie critic! Put your name under the lights. Itís the next best thing to showing up on the credits really! Send in your original, thoughtful reviews, witty or otherwise. If we like the review, we may publish it (even if we donít agree with it). Hey, that is the beauty of being a critic. You donít care if anyone agrees with you, am I right? So fire away!
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