Pets & Animals
Pets & Animals
I have a daughter that brings home at least two or three stray animals a year. We don't keep most of them, but we have kept a few. But we always find a good home for the ones that don't stay (which is most of them "I love animals but a houseful of kids is plenty of responsibility. Whenever I ask myself why she keeps bringing these animals home, I have to take a moment to remember my own childhood. I would come home with turtles, lizards, and snakes (yeah, we lived in the desert of Southern Nevada). And I always longed for furry pets. It seems like we almost always had at least one dog, a few cats and a couple of horses. From time to time our little farm also saw sheep, goats, chickens, homing pigeons, and cows. It was a nice way to grow up. I miss those days and don't want my own kids to be completely deprived. So even though I have my limits, I do occasionally indulge the kids. If you have some interesting information that you would like to share on our site about your favorite type of pet or your favorite breed, or an exotic animal story please feel welcome to submit your article. If we find it to be well written and informative for our readers, we may publish it.
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