Episode 4: Mr. Jones and Mr. Evil Collide
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 Approximately 4 weeks later:

Linda:   Mr. Evil will see you now Mr. Jones.

Jones:   Thank you Linda.

Evil:   Come in Jones - and pull the door closed after you.

Jones:   Yes sir, Mr. Evil

Closes Door

Evil:   Have a seat Jones.

Jones:   Yes, thank you.

Evil:   Jones, I just don't know what to make of you. I have done everything in my power to build you up and to provide you with a real career opportunity - and this is how you repay me - - by joining the Union?

Jones:   Perhaps I can explain…

Evil:   I'm not finished Jones! This is a personal affront to me and to this fine organization. With this latest action you have shown exactly what you think of the effort and expense that has been invested in you by this institution. You know Jones, in my day there was such a thing as loyalty.

Jones:   With all due respect sir, doesn't that loyalty have to run both ways?

Evil:   Jones, I don't know what you're talking about. I have been fiercely loyal to you. I have provided you unmerited promotional opportunities and protected you in the face of disparaging remarks from other executives.

Jones:   You mean there are other executives who know who I am?

Evil:   Oh yes, Jones. You can rest assured that this little incident has captured the attention of a number of our key executives.

Jones:  What are they saying about me?

Evil:   Frankly, the rest of the senior management team has lost all confidence in you. To a man they think you're not worth your salt. And looking at you right now Jones, I can hardly disagree with them. I've got to be honest with you Jones, right now, I am your only friend.

Jones:   My only friend?

Evil:   Yes Jones - your only friend! You have humiliated yourself and jeopardized your standing with this company. Now, what do you say that we put all this nonsense about joining the Union behind us and start fresh? I think I may still be able to convince the team to keep you on the payroll -- on a probationary basis, of course.

Jones:   Mr. Evil, I really appreciate you for standing up for me like that, but I have made my decision. I feel that I owe it to myself to give the Union a try.

Evil:   Jones, you are pathetic - running off to the Union like a scared rabbit. I can tell you right now, you won't be able to hide behind the Union for very long.

Jones:   That is a chance I am prepared to take sir.

Evil:   O.K. Jones, I can see that you have thrown down the gauntlet. Well, let this be remembered as the beginning of the end for you. Just watch and see how quickly I disarm you and that band of outlaws you're running with. You will unravel like a ball of string on a high-flying kite. Life is about to become very difficult for you Jones. You will regret the day you ever came into this office.

Jones:   I think I already do.

Evil:   What was that Jones? You're mumbling again!

Jones:   I said I guess I should be going.

Evil:   Jones, if you walk out that door as a member of the Union you will not walk back in as long as I am Chairman of this company.

Jones:   Yes sir, I understand.

Jones Exits

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