Chemical Engineer Career Profile
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Chemical Engineer 

Description:   Chemical engineering is one of the many branches of engineering, and combines physical sciences like chemistry and physics with mathematics.  The aim of chemical engineering is to take materials and chemicals and discover how to use them in ways that benefit society and deem them more useful.  In that sense, chemical engineers are responsible for creating valuable materials for our daily lives with their understanding of chemistry and physics.  In the research and development stage of creating new materials, they are trained to propose valuable ideas that they then test, rethink, and test again until they’ve found a material formula that works.

Most chemical engineers work for manufacturers, and they’re responsible for designing and maintaining relevant processes that deal with chemicals and producing certain materials.  These kinds of chemical engineers are more commonly known as process engineers, and their field is known as chemical technology.  This is an invaluable profession, and one that is needed to continuously bring new innovations to the way we produce materials for day to day goods.

Statistics:  In 2006 there were a reported 30,000 chemical engineers in the United States, and the job outlook is good.  This occupation is expected to grow at an average speed in the years to come as we look for more and better ways to produce materials like plastic for our everyday lives.  However, it is said that other forms of engineering will grow faster than chemical engineering.  Roughly 29% of all engineers work in chemical engineering, otherwise known as manufacture engineering. 

Training:  Chemical engineers will be expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering for an entry level position.  You will need a strong background in chemistry, mathematics, and physics as well.   Your more specialized and specific your training is on the chemical manufacturing side of engineering, the greater chance you have for landing a good position and being successful in the field.

Salary:  The income of a chemical engineer can vary greatly, and this is mostly dependent upon the level of education and place where you’re employed.  In 2006, chemical engineers with a bachelor’s degree as their highest form of education earned roughly $59,360 annually.  Chemical engineers with Master’s degrees in engineering earned roughly $68,561 and engineers with a PhD. Earned around $73,667.


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