What is WPM?
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 Words per minute (WPM) is a measure of typing speed commonly used in recruitment. Our free speed typing test gives test-takers instantaneous feedback on their WPM - words per minute. Simply put, WPM or words per minute is a measure of the number of words typed in a one minute period of time. Our free typing test offers one minute speed typing test, a two minute speed typing test, a three minute speed typing test with a variety of content options ranging from simple to quite difficult. Once the speed typing test is completed and submitted, our servers will calculate your WPM words per minute and provide you with a score. It is important to remember that the WPM typing speed is calculated based on NET WPM words per minute. That is, if you type a word incorrectly you do not get credit for that word. It is important then, not only to concentrate on speed in typing but also on accuracy in typing. An accurate speed typing test may score higher on WPM words per minute than a speedier test with a significant number of errors.

For the purposes of WPM measurement a word is generally standardized to five characters or keystrokes. So, "eight" counts as one word, but "eighteenth" counts as two words for purposes of calculating WPM. The benefit of a standardized measurement of WPM words per minute input speed is that it enables comparison across language and hardware boundaries.

Someone having minor experience with keyboards can, with some practice, reach a typing speed of about 20 words per minute. An average typist can achieve about 30 to 45 words per minute (usually the minimum required for dispatch positions, data entry, or other professional typing jobs). Advanced typists generally are expected to operate at typing speeds above 60 WPM.

Take our speed typing test to assess your WPM words per minute typing speed.

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