10 Ideas for Unique Weddings
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 By: Leilah Jumat

Planning your wedding day can be a bit more overwhelming than you thought. As your wedding day approaches, the list of things on your to do list suddenly becomes longer. You buy the latest edition of Bridal Vogue in the hope of finding something unusual, something unique that you can incorporate into your theme for your special day. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same “unique” wedding ideas thrown at you via bridal magazines? This is where a wedding co-ordinator makes a huge difference.

It doesn’t take a Hollywood wedding planner to ensure that your wedding day is the most talked about event of the year, it’s not the most outrageous centre-pieces or the most exotic dishes on your menu that makes your wedding unique. You only have to alter or add a little bit of detail to enhance the bigger picture. Here’s how:

The Photo Shoot

It’s charming having your traditional photo shoot; in fact it’s an absolute must, but you can also have your photographer cover more than just the usual social and bridal shots of you and your wedding party. Make sure that your photographer captures the essence of your beautiful decor, the flowers and menu cards that you so carefully created and taken the time to select, as well as candid shots of all your guests. You can prep your photographer not to take shots while your guests are enjoying their meals but rather of their expressions so that when you make up your wedding album you’ll have picture memories of every aspect of the celebration.

The Pre-Drinks

A fun idea is to arrange a cocktail tasting evening at someone’s house a month or two prior to the wedding. Have all your closest friends and family - even those that are not included in your wedding party – think up interesting and tasty combinations and name them after the friends who’ve created them. On your wedding day set up a cocktail bar in the pre-drinks area and have the barman serve the cocktails that were newly christened by your friends and family.

Lose the Formality

Another effective way to change the spin on the traditional wedding celebration is to focus on a more relaxed feel to your wedding day. A great way to achieve this is to abandon the idea of formal seating arrangements at specific tables and replace them with a combination of some dinner tables, interspersed with casual lounge areas. Have your meals served in self contained portions which can be eaten while socialising in the lounge areas. You can incorporate easy eating dishes into your menu such as substantial canapés, soups and platters of skewers. Have many smaller courses so that waiters are constantly serving your guests and for dessert you can serve bite sized sweet treats and cakes or a selection of boutique style Cape cheeses on mini crackers.

Eliminate the sticky

Whether you’re planning to have your wedding in the hot summer months or the colder winter months the pre-drinks event can sometimes lead to a sticky situation, literally. To avoid guests sitting at their tables with sticky fingers from the delectable canapés at the pre-drinks hour, offer chilled or warm hand towels to them. This could also be the perfect time to hand them their thank you gifts for attending your wedding.

The Guest Book

Abandon the traditional guest book that’ll just occupy dust on your bookshelf. Opt for a picture guest book – doubling as a personal photo album - where guests can add their messages next to their photographs. You can either have your photographer set up an informal photo booth in the foyer and have guests take turns in the booth either individually or in groups or you can have a Polaroid camera ready beside the guest book. Alternatively select one photograph of you and your partner and have your photographer enlarge it a few weeks prior to your big day, and have it framed with a wide white border. The enlargement can be placed on an easel in the pre-drinks area acting as a guest book where your guests can sign all around the white border. When everyone has finished signed you can hang it in your new home reminding you of your special day.

Include the moms

Prior to the big day meet with your floral designer and have him/her incorporate two detachable floral sprays into your bouquet. As you enter the church, after your father walks you down the aisle give one flower spray to him before he takes his seat. Let him know in advance that this will take place and tell him that he is to present the flower to your mother on your behalf. Then at the end of the ceremony as you exit the church stop at the pew where your mother-in-law is sitting and hand the remaining flower spray to her. Don’t tell the moms in advance that this will be happening as the element of surprise is the focus of this gesture and is what makes it so very sweet.

Childhood Memories

Bring back old childhood memories by hiring a proper vintage ice cream vending truck and ask the vendor to position it outside the reception venue after your guests have taken their seats inside. Surprise them by announcing that guests are to order a soft serve cone as dessert, complete with chocolate flake, nut sprinkles, caramel drizzle or all of the above. Everyone will have a nostalgic smile painted across their face, guaranteed.

Every bride is searching for that distinct special recipe to make her wedding day more meaningful in many ways. Ultimately it’s not the ideas that make the wedding unique, but the people behind the ideas so which ever idea you decide to feature on your special day make sure it represents you and your husband-to-be. That way your guests will remember your celebration for as long as you.

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Wedding Concepts is a Cape Town based wedding consultancy specializing in creating exclusive, unique wedding celebrations that represent each couples' individuality

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