About Us began as the creative outlet for its founder, Chris Dunn.  Never one to hog all the glory and credit for the often clever, sometimes witty, occasionally annoying, and always insightful content on the site, I decided to open it up and allow readers and users of the site to contribute. Of course, we drive a hard editorial bargain here at Posting is free, but submissions will be mercilessly screened and scrutinized. We are looking for that rare combination of fresh, original, insightful, helpful, engaging content that will keep our site at the forefront of the burgeoning internet. If you feel you are up to the challenge then we want to hear from you. If you are not sure… well submit anyway. You may be surprised. Before you go to the trouble, however, please make a careful read of our editorial guidelines. These are enforced rather strictly.

They say that education is a continuous and lifelong process. I truly believe that if you are not moving forward in knowledge and insight then you are moving backward. There is no such thing as the status quo.  This is the premise of  Here you will find a continuous stream of forward thinking thought and information.  In this day and age, more than ever before in the history of the world, stagnation is destructive. It can be destructive to your career, to your relationships, and even to your health.  By joining and participating in our dynamic community of experts you will benefit from our symbiotic system of information share.  If you have something to say that is original and well written, there is a good chance you can get it published on our site. In the meantime, please browse and enjoy the growing and changing body of information on


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