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 It turns out that typing form can be one of the most important determinants of ultimate typing speed and efficiency. The most effective method of typing is referred to as "touch" typing. With touch typing, the hands are placed over the keyboard with the fingers in a specific formation. The positio ... more
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Courtesy of Did you ever wonder how the ubiquitous qwerty keyboard configuration came into being?  For those not familiar with the term, Q-W-E-R-T-Y refers to the six alpha keys on the left side of the top lettered row of the standard keyboard. Coincidentally, these keys spell “QWERTY ... more
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Mortician  Description:  The job of the Mortician has expanded in recent years, and now constitutes a vast array of tasks and responsibilities; some of which were once the job of the clergy.    They are now more intimately involved in funeral services, far beyond the job of simply organizing.  ... more
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Anesthesiologist  Description:    An Anesthesiologist is what is known as a peri-operative physician.  They are in the operating room before, during, and after surgery to administer anesthesia at appropriate time and in the right quantities.  They must evaluate each patient before surgery and ... more
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 Early labor is the longest of the three phases of labor and is the least intense. Early labor can take place over a period of days or weeks or hours. Because this phase of labor is the least intense, some women may be going through early labor without knowing. During early labor, contractions ... more
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 What is Medical Transcription? Medical Transcription is the process of converting voice dictation (typically either cassette or digital format) into a permanent written record utilizing word processing equipment and s ... more
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What is Continuous Improvement?  In their never-ending quest for quality, the Japanese coined the term "Kaizen", which means continuous improvement. They reasoned that if a product or process could be improved, then that improvement could be measured and monitored. In response to this theory, a set ... more
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 One of the most crucial steps in the job search process is the initial interview. This is where prospective employers will make their preliminary decisions about whether to invest additional time in you. If things ... more
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 When we talk about the US dollar value, we are typically talking about two things:1. The purchasing power of the dollar and how that purchasing power changes in a specific economy (the United States) over time.2. The value of the dollar relative to other global currencies.The change in the relativ ... more
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We all have feelings of self doubt and inadequacy at times in our lives.  In fact, self-esteem can ebb and flow throughout our lives and is almost constantly affected by a host of internal and external factors.  Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to protracted periods of low self esteem due to ... more
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