Anesthesiologist Career Profile
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Description:    An Anesthesiologist is what is known as a peri-operative physician.  They are in the operating room before, during, and after surgery to administer anesthesia at appropriate time and in the right quantities.  They must evaluate each patient before surgery and determine the appropriate amount based upon the nature of the surgery and the patient’s medical history.  They consult with the surgical team to create the right anesthesia game plan, and carry-out this plan to perfection.  

An Anesthesiologist specializes completely in anesthesiology, but they must have a broad understanding of a number of different issues in the medical field.  They study the specifics of anesthesia, and the various kinds of anesthesia that must be used in different kinds of surgeries.  The Anesthesiologist works closely with the operating team to find the perfect form of anesthesia that works in conjunction with the machines and tools being used in the operating room.  In that sense, an Anesthesiologist must be able to assess each situation and come up with the most advantageous conclusion and solution.  Also constantly interacting and consulting with patients, the Anesthesiologist must be able to listen effectively to patient’s concerns and wishes for the procedure.  They must balance their understanding of anesthesiology with the needs of the surgeons in the room and the desires of the patient.  They must be able to handle incredible amounts of pressure and be able to problem solve in high stakes situations.  

Statistics:  The career outlook for Anesthesiologists is very good, as it is across the boards in the healthcare profession.  As the population continues to grow and with it the elderly population, we’re going to see many more people seeking medical care in the coming decades.   Positions for Anesthesiologists are said to expect a 10-20% increase in the coming decade.  In 2003, roughly 5.4% of the 567,000 physicians in the US were Anesthesiologists. 

Training:  Anesthesiologists are some of the most highly trained in the medical field.  They must have a broad and exceptional understanding of the basics of medicine, and they must complete a 4 year degree followed by 4 years of medical school.  After medical school, the Anesthesiologists will take an additional 4 years of training. During the specialized training, the Anesthesiologists will perform a number of internships, followed by a 3 year residency program.  

Salary:  In the United States, an Anesthesiologist makes a fruitful living; with the median salary in 2006 being $312,492.  The more estimable range of salary is from $254,866 to $367,265.


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