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 One of the most frequent mistakes that well-meaning job seekers make is to try to cram too much information onto their resumes. This is primarily due to a common misconception about the appropriate role of the resume. ... more
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  By: Fenick JeanThis whole thing about writing resumes has totally gone insane. Crafting a resume is quite simple. Simply be yourself, do not use funky colors, and sell your qualifications. Here are the top 10 resume writing tips to ending your job search and landing you a job. 1. To begin, top o ... more
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 By: Heather EagarThe IT job market is still one of the hottest markets and commands the highest resume response from job seekers. Given the sheer volume of resumes that a hiring manager has to sift through for each position, only the strongest resumes actually get past the initial 30 second sc ... more
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 By: R.G. SrinivasanImagine for a moment that you have created a wonderful product. You are excited at the possibilities of attaining name, fame and wealth marketing this product. You create a business plan and a marketing plan. You plan an excellent packaging and a presentation that would do j ... more
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